A JOINT VENTURE between FIU's EPE and ThinKeen®

The Florida International University (FIU) Business School’s Office of Executive and Professional Education and Thinkeen Global have teamed up to design and market a unique executive education platform called the LifeScience Zone™. This strategic joint venture partnership will see FIU and Thinkeen providing top executive education resources – focused on the business of life science  – to executives, business leaders, and high potential managers seeking success in this fast-changing industry.

FIU Office of Executive and Professional Education (EPE)

FIU’s Office of Executive & Professional Education (EPE), at the College of Business, delivers state-of-the-art knowledge and tools to drive better strategic thinking, decision-making, and day-to-day leadership. Drawing upon a global network of faculty and practitioners, in addition to the College’s own faculty, EPE offers:

International non-credit certificate programs for foreign business schools, companies, associations, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations;

Customized programs at any of our campuses or onsite, including overseas, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese;

Open enrollment programs of short duration, in high-demand areas, such as Lean Six Sigma (Yellow, Green and Black Belt), Project Management, Certified Treasury Professional, Human Resources, Strategy and Leadership, Supply Chain, FINTECH, Digital and Social Media, Health Care Risk Management, and Cybersecurity.




Thinkeen® is a Global Consulting Practice specialized in Life Sciences: in this industry, and with the
goal of maximizing therapy access, ThinKeen® serves Companies focused on funding, developing,
manufacturing and commercializing innovative products and therapies. ThinKeen® supports its Client
Companies in proactively resolving practical issues related to the different phases of Product
and Therapy life cycle, from product funding and portfolio development to successful
global commercialization. With particular attention to commercial aspects, ThinKeen® has a
proven ability to add measurable value from the Global Strategy setting to the execution of key processes such as Portfolio Optimization, Value Proposition design, Market Assessment, Registration, and Global Product Launches, Access to New Markets and Management of International Commercial Operations, all while ensuring adherence to regulatory and compliance standards. Contrary to major management consulting competitors, ThinKeen® restlessly seeks excellence by focusing exclusively on the Life Science industry.


Why introducing the LifeScience Zone Now?

The last 15 years have seen a dramatic shift in the life sciences industry leading to a diffuse consolidation of biotech, pharma, and medical devices companies focused on strengthening ROCs and leveraging P&Ls. The tendency for these companies toward leveraging lean organizations while minimizing overhead costs has thus led to years of M&As, cost control, recurrent organization changes, and outsourcing of truly innovative R&D.

Larger biotech, pharma, and medical devices companies are facing two concurrent, fast-growing problems that the LifeScience Zone™ addresses: Inefficient and underinvested talent retention processes and the lack of sound talent development tools. In this same context, Managers are also dealing with a fast-changing job market and the lack of hands-on exposure to round, solid, cross-disciplinary and cross-functional executive education. This has left individuals dependent on unplanned professional bumps and coincidences impacting the future of both individuals and their organizations.

The LifeScience Zone™ is specifically designed to address these emerging talent development issues.

The innovative executive education and leadership skills offered by the LifeScience Zone™ are needed to help industry leaders anticipate these emerging trends and better lead their organizations.



The LifeScience Zone Uniqueness 

The uniqueness of LifeScience Zone is based on four pillars: content specialization, experiential learning processes, business-issues-centric, and FIU’s endorsement and certification upon completion.

The use of The LifeScience Zone™ is essential for:


Corporations: It focuses on specific business aspects of the industry as opposed to the standard, traditional academic learning processes, and for

Individual professionals: It focuses on consolidating the comprehensive fundamental executive education and managerial processes already proven to be successful in the global life sciences industry.