Taught by experienced, successful industry experts, this program is not theoretical but rather focuses on knowledge and application of business tools.

After completion of the program, attendees will be able to directly apply key learnings immediately in their day-to-day work with:


  • Broader, well-rounded knowledge of the fundamental aspects of this globalized industry

  • Improved ability to contribute to the complex, international, multidisciplinary business discussion

  • Improved ability to quickly identify and address the critical business issues

  • Improved ability to effectively communicate and credibly present their business and strategy plans


All participants will receive practical management tools such as: management checklists, spreadsheet templates and presentation guidance.


Moreover this program embeds a number of other critical business topics including ethics and compliance elements for the life sciences as an integral part of the participant success in the workplace.



For organizations, this program represents a unique solution that may be integrated as part of the organization's talent development and retention.


For professionals, this program provides knowledge, actionable ideas, and business tools necessary to be successful in the life science Industry.