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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

The LifeScience Zone is an educational platform focused on the business aspects of the industry of the Life Sciences. It is a set of Certificate Programs delivered through the Office of Executive and Professional Education at Florida International University’s College of Business .


In the last 15 years, the major national health care systems and the global life science industry have experienced several breakthrough changes such as extreme rationalization of resource allocation and consolidation of the largest corporations. Moreover, large financial resources have been injected in life science innovation arena, allowing the birth of thousands of globally distributed start-ups that are becoming a valuable alternative to corporate R&D and are changing the job market and the professional horizon for industry executives. These global changes are posing new challenges for both professionals and corporations of any size. Professionals are seeking practical and highly effective tools to support their success in this, different and still changing globalized industry. Corporations are seeking new leaders who are able to cope with the changing environment and are seeking new development tools able to support the professional growth of their younger top talent.


For Corporations: currently, there are no learning resources able to complement and enrich the highly specialized functional and technical/clinical knowledge of their top talent. Corporate educational investments are still largely tied to older, more academic learning processes built around standard, non-industry-specific MBA disciplines more than around the specific business issues of the life sciences industry. For individual professionals (and for life science job candidates ): there are very few learning resources that build upon and consolidate the wide range of fundamental managerial processes required to succeed in the business of life sciences. The individual learning process is still mainly defined ex-post by career choices and/or by self-guided educational initiatives..

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