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Benefiting from Specialized Life Science Education

Thriving in today’s trillion dollar health sector market requires strategic agility as leaders in the life sciences industry embrace patient-centered care and innovation in a period of dramatic shifts. Organizations in the life sciences industry need to cultivate a performance-driven culture and new management models, in an environment that continually expects improved access and quality of care. Hence the need for executive education for executives of the life sciences industry.

The LifeScience Zone initiative is a joint venture between Florida International University (FIU) and Thinkeen Global. It is an educational platform for business leaders, executives, talented potential managers, and functional managers focused on the managerial and business aspects of the life sciences industry. The platform is specifically designed to address issues arising in the life sciences business environment and how to train executives to adapt to and manage these changes.

Who Benefits from the LifeScience Zone Initiative?

The Life Science Zone is for:

Professionals seeking highly effective and practical tools to support their career advancement goals and success in the life sciences industry.Corporations seeking both new leaders capable of adapting to the changing life sciences environment and new development tools to support their younger top talents’ professional growth.

The LifeScience Zone was developed to address the lack of talent development tools in the life sciences industry with respect to the specialized nature of this industry and the value of actionable learning solutions for companies facing development and retention issues.

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